We are dedicated to helping educators and corporate trainers learn about immersive technologies. Our series of courses are designed to help prepare for the deployment and development of immersive content for curriculum.

immersive student learning

"Taking some of these courses has widened my perspective about what is out there in the world of education. VR was something I heard a lot about, but never understood its true potential"

- Proximus Wolf; Teacher and Explorer

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Educator Courses

For all educators K-16. These are primarily Asynchronous courses, but we have live quarterly seminars available too. Each course comes with a badge for LinkedIn and also a certificate for the course for PD or CE purposes.

3 learners in VR

Learner Courses

This is for all of the learners out there that would like to explore some educational content in VR. These are designed for various skills in VR. An educator can also take a sample course here to se see what their learner would take. (coming soon)

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Conferences and Subscriptions

Live courses and schedules for educators to join and ideate around particular subjects. One of the key components to understanding new technology is ideating.

dr. pirtle

Dr. Toni Pirtle

"Hi there, I am passionate about this industry and through my research, I have learned that one of the biggest barriers to deployment of this technology is general educator comfort and knowledge. This is why I have helped found VEDX Learning.